Here at What To Get A Guy For His Birthday we believe in romantic gifts for all men. If they love romance, great. If they don’t convert them! If you’re reading this then you must be one of those lucky people who has a guy who loves the romantic stuff. You go for walks in the park, hand in hand, and gaze into each others eyes over a candle lit dinner. If this is you and your guy, or if you wish this was you and your guy, then I have some great gift ideas for you. My gift ideas could either be for him, you or something you could both share.

Write Your Love Story

This is a great project for any die hard romantic couple. Buy a note book, journal or scrap book and start to document your time spent together. You could start and write about events as they happen, back track and tell your couple’s story from the very beginning or you could capture your favorite moments form your past. How you structure your book is entirely up to you. This not only romantic but you will also spend plenty of time working on the project together and reminiscing over romantic moments from your past. There are some great books available that will help you along the way if you get stuck. My personal favorite are The LoveBook Activity Books. They offer ideas for boy/girl, boy/boy and girl/girl couples.


Picnic Hamper

It’s an oldie but a goodie and if it is not broken don’t fix it. If you don’t own one already why not get him a cool Picnic Hamper that you can fill with delicious food and take to the park. Pick a warm spring day and relax with your picnic. Make sure you get a hamper that has space for a wine bottle and two glasses.


Boy and Girl Key Rings

Quite cheesy but if your guy loves romance he will lap this up. One key ring is in the shape of a girl and the other is in the shape of a boy. When placed together they form a kissing pair. They can be hung on key hooks next to each other if you want a permanent kiss or they can be used separately and be reunited on special occasions.

Cook a Romantic Dinner for Two – Twice

Take it in turns to cook each other a romantic three course dinner. Woo and charm your guy and the allow him to do the same for you. Cook him his favorite dishes and request some of your own. This is a cheap gift which gives you some quality time with your guy and allows you to show off your culinary skills. Check out Modern Mix Tape for a wide range of menu ideas for your date night


Modern Mix Tape

Create him an iTunes playlist of some of your favorite songs. When I was on the dating scene many years ago producing a mix tape was the ultimate romantic gesture. However in the modern world I am not sure your guy will appreciate a cassette tape of badly recorded love songs taped straight off the radio (even if you do record them in high speed dubbing). But the principle still remains you just need to modernize your gift. Create an iTunes playlist for his iPod or iPhone. You could even play this when you go on your romantic picnic or have your romantic dinner for two. This is a cheap and simple gift idea that you simply can’t get wrong.


Well that was my list of romantic gift ideas for romantic guys. I hope you found something your man will like or at least I hope I have sparked some new ideas for you to consider. If you have bought any of the gifts listed above I would love to hear what you have to say about them. Any comments you might have can be posted below and your wisdom and reviews are always more than welcome. Also why not check out my free gift ideas article for more great ideas for your man’s birthday.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!



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