GIFT IDEAS FOR SPORTY GUYSIf your guy is into his sports and fitness in a big way, and you are struggling to think of an original gift idea for him, I am on hand to help. Below are some fantastic, unique and original gift ideas that will be ideal for your sporty guy. I am positive he will love these gifts and gadgets as they are all products he will definitely benefit from. I pride myself on never suggesting anything I would not buy myself so please trust me when I tell you these are great gifts that he will love.

Wireless Sports MP3 Player

If your guy likes to jog and listen to music at the same time then he will be the first to tell you that headphone wires are a constant bother. They get in the way and swing about as you bound along which can be highly irritating. But with a wireless sports MP3 player he will be able to jog wire free (or wire less). I don’t mean to overstate the issue of headphone wires as they are not that bad but when there are numerous wireless MP3 players available at such low prices you would be a fool not to get one. This is an easy purchase that your sporty guy will love and most definitely use.


Phubby Phone Cubby

The Phone Cubby provides an athlete with a place to store their phone while they are exercising. It is worn around the wrist and it comes in various different colors to meet your personal preference. The phone can be operated directly through the mesh fabric and it caters for iPhone, Blackberry and almost all other smart phone and portable devices. When your guy is out on a long run or extended cycle this is a nice little addition to his bag of tricks.


Wahoo Fitness Key

If your guy is truly into his training he will be able to move onto the next level with the Wahoo Fitness Key. It can be plugged directly into an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and works as an all-in-one training partner. It wirelessly connects your iPhone to popular ANT+ fitness sensors allowing for collection, tracking and monitoring of fitness data. Once collected, fitness stats can be analysed using the Wahoo Fitness App or on one of the popular fitness websites such as Training Peaks, Nike+, Garmin Connect and many others. Although slightly more expensive when compared to the previous two gift ideas it is still very reasonably priced for what it offers and I would therefore highly recommend this gadget if you have the cash to spend. There is no question that if he is serious about his training he will love this.


Omron Fat Monitor

The relevance of this gadget largely depends on whether body composition is something that your guy is concerned about. If he is training to lose weight or meet a certain weight for his sport a body fat monitor will be a very useful tool. This product is affordable and easy to use and is ideal for measuring body fat quickly and conveniently. If your guy is constantly training and weighing himself this is a must buy gift for him.


Well that was my list of sporty gift ideas for sporty guys. I hope you found something your man will like or at least I hope I have sparked some new ideas for you to consider. If you have bought any of the gifts listed above I would love to hear what you have to say about them. Any comments you might have can be posted below and your wisdom and reviews are always more than welcome. Also why not check out my Romantic Gift Ideas article for more great gift ideas.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!



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