WHY DO MEN LOVE GADGETSA man is nothing more than a big kid trapped inside a grey, wobbly, fat body. Unless your guy is more youthful than the image I have just cast into your mind. Your man may have a youthful, muscular, tanned body, but he is still just a big kid inside. Embrace the inner child in your man and allow it to flourish with joy, play freely in the street and giggle like a little girl.

If the truth be known men never grow out of playing with toys but as children’s toys do nothing for the male ego gadgets are the next best thing. The guiding principle here is the more pointless you think the gadget is the more he will like it.

Any of the latest gadgets, gizmos or electronic trends are a safe bet for most childishly-minded males (that’s all of us). Unfortunately they often cost more than other gifts but this is the price you have to pay sometimes to get your man what he really wants.


I have a few theories as to why men like gadgets.

Firstly, men are fantastically lazy! Most gadgets are designed to simplify a process or automate a task. This makes life even easier for men and they love it!

Secondly, men believe that most women are unable to operate complex gadgets, and as they thrive on being the dominant half of the relationship, they acquired great power through owning a gadget only they can operate.

Lastly, men get restless and love to fidget. Having a gadget or multiple gadgets to hand allows them to play, fidget and fiddle until their heart’s content.

For some more specific gift ideas please refer to my article on gadget gift ideas for men.



Based on the reasons highlighted above I would like to propose the following criteria for the perfect gadget-based gift. If you are buying a gadget make sure it make life easier for your man, allows him to do things you can’t and is something he can constantly or intermittently use throughout the day or evening. If you follow these criteria you can’t go far wrong.

Why not check out some gadget gift ideas here. These are some of the most popular and commonly purchased gadget gifts for men. As they are popular gift ideas it means many people are buying these gadgets – they can’t all be wrong so he is sure to like it.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who has put this advice into practice so please leave a comment below. Also why now check out some of my other tips for gift ideas for men.

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Thanks for reading and happy shopping!




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